Airplane Tips and Essentials 

For starters, I fly a lot for a kid my age considering I live on the other side of the world from my original home in Sweden. After flying so many times in my life to all different kinds of places, I have some tips and essentials that I have found helpful. So let’s get started!

  1. Wear something comfortable and stylish (this way you will be able to move but if you meet someone you know, you won’t be embarrassed)
  2. Have your hair up in some kind of way so it won’t become messy (I usually have it in a bun or in two braids)
  3. Bring a book!! This is so amazing because you pass time so quickly!   
  4. Bring chargers to all your electronic devices that you’re bringing (just in case there is an outlet at the airport or airplane)
  5. Dress warm but don’t go overboard (flights are usually cold so dress in a way that will keep you warm but if you’re going to a hot place, don’t wear a jacket or something like that)
  6. Notebook and something to write with is important (you might want to write something down or draw)  
  7. Set up a playlist for the flight and listen to it during the flight (I find that this passes the time quickly)  
  8. Try to let your face breath by not wearing as much makeup as usual (I personally only wear concealer and do my eyebrows)
  9. Download movies before/watch flights movies (you are enjoying it while it takes time to finish)
  10. Bring perfume!! The bathrooms smell on the plane and so might you, and that is not a good feeling to smell bad…
  11. Sleeping masks are smart! (Nobody will be able to tell who you are and you will not get concious of how you look when you sleep)
  12. Bring hair brush so that if you want to let your hair down it won’t be messy
  13. Be prepared in case there is no wifi (bring other stuff that doesn’t need wifi)
  14. Try to sleep at least one hour if it is a long flight
  15. Relax!     

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