This Summer

As you probably know, it’s summertime and that means vacation. Therefore I might be busy since I am going to Sweden to meet all my friends. I will post at least twice every week so don’t worry. Since I will be on a plane for 14 hours in a few minutes I want to Tell you what I did yesterday since it was the last day as a seventh grader for me. 

Coming to school and going into our advisory and I realize my current English teacher won’t be teaching me anymore. He is one of my favorite teachers here and I think he is hilarious. However he is still going to work in the school so I’ll see him around. 

Our advisory (homeroom) had a party and we basically just ate and watched YouTube videos which is enjoyable since we are used to doing work at school… At 9:00 the whole middle school gathers and gives out awards to the students. Then we have a kind of quizbowl and answer different questions in teams. 

School ended at 12:00 and I cried since I know some of my friends are leaving and when I was crying I hugged Philippa and she was imagining me moving so she started crying. When she told me, I imagined it as well and cried even more. Everyone laughed at us but whatever. 

Jiwoo and I went to eat at subways and then got a drink at Tully’s. We are really unhealthy but it’s okay because it was the last day. We then went to the city to take the next bus to univeral studios but it didn’t leave until 3:30 so we just went shopping instead. 

When we were shopping we met Isabella and Ebba at H&M. We talked for a while but then they had to go. Jiwoo and I got a matching white crop top and I got some jewelry. I feel like when it’s summer, you need to have rings on your fingers, so I bought some. 

We then went on the Ferris wheel to look at the view before I leave for Sweden. It is such a beautiful view and it makes everything feel so nice. I think I have a thing for views because I forget all my problems when I see a nice sunset or something like that. 

We went home and sat in the lobby. However, we didn’t stay long because I wanted to say bye to Michael, Chenoa and Jack so we went downstairs and met them. I cannot believe their moving and it makes me so sad just thinking about it. We said bye and talked and I of course started crying because I’m really weird like that. 

Jiwoo and I went upstairs again and just talked. Callum and Zach came to the lobby so we hung out until 10:00 and then I went upstairs and watched some YouTube. I went down to Ebbas house and we said bye although we are going to meet this summer. 

I didn’t fall asleep until twelve when I cried myself to sleep just thinking about how people are moving… I guess I am kind of weird but I think we all are. I’m right not writing in my notebook that I got from Michael and Chenoa and I jut love it! Anyways, hope you have a great summer! I’ll keep posting but just not as frequently. 



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