My Adventurous Day

Woke up 7:00 am today and walked to school with Jiwoo. When walking we just talked about our lives. We then headed to a sewage treatment plant with our class. I am honestly going to say it was scary because the small staircase where we had to walk 30 meters underground, because I am claustrophobic, I was a little anxious. We had to stay at the treatment for two hours. The most fun part of it was the bus ride home since Lucie, Philippa, Karin, Jiwoo and I sat in the back and sang Pitch Perfect songs… I think most people in the bus were annoyed by that.

We got back to school at 11:50 and ate lunch. Since we are soon ending school, we had field day and had some competitions. I signed up for tug of war, 60 meter, javelin, three-legged race, and bb/soccer relay. Instead I got tug of war, 60 meter, 200 meter, 100×4, and bb/soccer relay. It was actually very fun to compete and although I was horrible, our team came second. In the end we had a water tower competition and everyone got wet. I was soaking but fortunately I brought extra clothes with me. I headed home and I swap clothes again because I felt like wearing something more comfortable.

At 3:45 I met Chenoa and Jack at Tully’s (local coffee shop) and got a drink. We talked for a while. I am super sad that Michael, Chenoa and Jack are leaving! When we finished our drinks we just took a walk around the building we live in. After I went home, Ebba and I went to the grocery store to buy the things we needed to make a sandwich for tomorrows field trip to the beach. We made the sandwiches at my house and I realized how messy it gets when you make a sandwiches.

Now I’m just watching Pitch Perfect 2 and loving all of these songs! I wish I would be able to be as good at singing like the Bellas. I think I might have a small obsession with Pitch Perfect at the moment… The movies just have such amazing plots and the songs just make it so interesting! Anyways, bye!Ebba and I dance again Schooldance


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