Role Model ATM

Trisha Paytas is such a beautiful, inspirational youtuber. Many people think of her as other things but all I see when I look at her is inspiration. She has a lot of quiet courage. Although she has had rough times in her life, she was able to overcome this and started making videos just for fun. After six years of creating videos, she has published 5 different books, and has created 5 of her own songs and more to come. One of her songs really inspires me, and it has inspired many others. All songs she writes are very personal to her, and this really lets me connect to her on a different level. Trisha does anything she sets her mind to and that is why she has accomplished so much. She changes her style so quickly because anything she feels comfortable/confident in, she can rock. Although she has some strong opinions that I may not agree with, I admire her for how strong she stands and how she knows who she is in this huge world. All in all, Trisha is such a confidence booster and so amazing.


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