Packing For Summer

Summer in exactly 5 days!! Super excited! Today I started packing my bag, and I thought I would share my routine and some tips of packing.

First, make sure you’re comfortable, and wearing something you can move around in. Also, have your hair out of your face with a messy bun or something else. I personally just put on shorts, and a tank top and a bun. These clothes are very comfy but still acceptable to go outside with, so if I have to go outside, I can do so in these clothes.

Secondly, I make this packing list for my vacation. I make my packing list by looking at other packing lists online and take some stuff from each one that I could use. This way I won’t forget anything.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 2.32.05 PM

I like to pack in categories, so I start with shorts and I take out all my shorts from my closet and make two piles. First pile has all the shorts that aren’t coming with me, and the other pile is for shorts who have a shot at coming or I know are coming. Then I take my second pile and take out all shorts that I know I won’t use. This leaves the shorts that I am bringing and I pack them in my Eagle Creek packing cube. I keep doing this with all my categories.IMG_1562IMG_1563

My major tip for packing is to buy the packing cubes from Eagle Creek because they save so much space in your bag. I bought them a year ago and use them every time I go traveling and I can bring so much more to my trips. Also, you should listen to music and this will make you more productive. I put on different playlists that I have been loving and I sing along while packing.

After packing everything, this is how my bag looks like. In one part I have all my shirts, dresses, skirts and things like that. In the other department, I keep my bathing suits, jeans, shorts, underwear and hoodies. IMG_1568

The problem after packing is the mess I left with all the clothes I didn’t pack. However, I find it easier to put them back because its less clothes to put back then before. Therefore it is cleaner in your closet. This is basically how my room looks after just sorting my shirts and shorts.IMG_1564


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