Saying Goodbye

Since a lot of friends of mine are leaving, I though what unique ways are there to say goodbye to them. Therefore, here are some ways to say goodbye to a friend;


  1. Karaoke- even if you’re not that into singing, it can be fun
  2. Shopping- very casual but if you have a positive attitude, it will be more special
  3. Spa- girly and gives you time to talk
  4. Movie Marathon- A nice memory and cozy
  5. Dinner- This gives you time to speak and say goodbye

All of these can be very fun to do with any amount of friends, and although it is casual it is very fun.


  1. A card- it might not be a lot but it does have a lot of meaning
  2. A diy gift- you put a lot of thought into it and make it personal
  3. A kit- this can be a kit of things you know that the person likes
  4. A picture of you two- this can bring back their memories with you when they miss you
  5. An artwork- my friend drew something for me once, and it was amazing and shows that you put your time into their gift

There are so many people who you will come and go in your life, and even more so if you live abroad. At least one of my close friends leave each year. Of course you will be sad and you might want to do something for them to thank them and let them know you care. I hope you liked these tips although they are super simple. Anyways, adios!IMG_4634 IMG_4639 IMG_4641 IMG_4632

These are just some pictures from today, when Ebba and I planned a day with our friend Olivia. We started out eating at a Thai restaurant. After that, we went around just shopping a bit. Lastly we sang karaoke for two hours. Although it was very casual, it seemed as if she enjoyed it. All in all, you can make anything special by just having the right attitude!


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