May Favorites

Oh, time goes so fast! May has already passed! Therefore, here are my favorites for May, and trust me I love the following the things and highly recommend them!

***Favorite Haircare of the Month***

Batiste Dry Shampoo– This is my absolutely favorite dry shampoo because it also gives volume to your hair and doesn’t damage itIMG_1546

***Favorite Skincare of the Month***

OLAY Pro X– Instead of spending so much money on the Clarisonic, use an equally good one at a cheaper price, and it is so nice when you have cleaned your face with it


***Favorite Nail Polish of the Month***

Mavola Candy Pink– I love this nail polish because it is pink and kind of metallic.IMG_1547

***Favorite Makeup of the Month***

Bobbi Brown Bronzer– I recently received this bronzer and I am already in love with it.


Sephora Foundation– This foundation is just so nice because it makes my skin tone lighter and I  think that really brightens up my face.IMG_1548***Favorite Accessories of the Month***

Juicy Couture Aviator Glasses– They are very casual and very stylish so they fit with almost all outfits. Aviators have also been proved to be the most fitting to all face shapes.IMG_1530IMG_1532

***Favorite Fragrance of the Month***

Viva La Juicy Portable Perfume and Lipgloss– Very easy to carry around in a purse and smell amazing


Abercrombie Linsly Prep Body Lotion– Very smoothing on skin and smells really goodIMG_1551***Favorite Food of the Month***

Xylitol Gum– I really love chewing something at all times because of I’m not, I am biting my nails so this gum both tastes good and is an essential in my purseIMG_1525

***Favorite Music of the Month***  

My spotify account– My music this month is very cool so you should definitely check it out if you like my taste in music

***Favorite TV Show of the Month***

Misfits– This is a British tv show that is so addicting

***Favorite Movie of the Month***

Pitch Perfect– I know its old but I just got into it again and love it and all the songs and dances


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