Lookbook For All Occasions: Summer

Summer is almost here! That means Summer dresses and shorts! These are some of my new outfits that I put together for all different occasions. IMG_1465 IMG_1468 IMG_1473The first outfit is for a working day, either at school or just studying with some friends. The shirt I am wearing is from Massimo Dutti and Italian brand. My shorts are from Pink and the purse is from Michael Kors. I think this look is very sophisticated but still very casual. I actually wore this yesterday and I felt very smart and stylish at the same time.IMG_1476 IMG_1477The next outfit is for a casual day shopping. The tank top is from Brandy Melville, and the cardigan from H&M. The shorts are from Abercrombie. This look is very comfortable and easy to take off and on because when you’re shopping you might want to try on the different clothes you’re buying.IMG_1483 IMG_1486 IMG_1481 IMG_1509 IMG_1505The outfit above is for a coffee date. It’s very casual but still cute. The dress is bought recently from the Coachella collection at H&M and I think it is very flowy and the color is really nice. The sandals are from Forever 21 and I love the details of it.IMG_1494 IMG_1495 IMG_1492For the last outfit, I asked my friend Ebba to model my clothes, because I felt like she needed to be in my post. Anyway the dress is from Abercrombie, and I think this outfit would be nice to wear to a dinner date. It is both cute and kind of formal. I really like the lace on both the shoes and the dress and I think it looks good together.

I hope all of these outfits were helpful if you were trying to find some ideas on what to wear. Anyway, love you guys, adios!


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