Coffee, Parikura, and Train Drama

So as I said earlier this week, I would do a post about my day so lets get started!

I started out the day by hearing my alarm go off at 9:00 am. It woke both Ebba and I up. She stayed in bed a little longer meanwhile I took a shower. We got dressed and I put on my make up. Then we went into the kitchen and made some breakfast, and this meant a Swedish sandwich, blueberries, strawberries and green tea. Honestly, it was very refreshing to eat something. We sat by the breakfast table for like an hour, and then she got ready to leave.

At 11:30 I met my friend Chenoa and her baby Jack in the reception. We took the train to city, and found Starbucks. Just like last time, I had the ham and cheese sandwich and so did she. To drink she got iced coffee and I got the chocolate chip frappucino. Chenoa was super sweet and payed. We then walked along the street and tried to find a place to take parikuras. Since we don’t know Japanese its quite hard asking people where the nearest parikura is, but we did it anyway. When we got to the photo booth we stepped inside and just did the most random poses and although it was quite strange poses we did, we looked pretty amazing.

After taking our parikura we headed over to a Hawaiian Coffee shop, and the interior there was so nice. It looked very vintage and made you want to travel. After staying there for a while and just talking and catching up, we had to leave. We had to be home by 2:30 so we went to the train station.

When we got on the train, it didn’t leave and since everything was in Japanese we didn’t understand anything. We waited about 15 for the train to leave from one station to the next. When it finally left, it went super slowly. We reached the second station and again we didn’t understand what the speakers where saying. I think we ended up waiting for about 29 minutes for the train to leave from one station to the other.

Since Chenoa has such a cute little baby named Jack, everybody wanted to say hi to him. Particularly this one man who was super sweet and thought Jack was adorable (I am not surprised because Jack is super cute). This man was Japanese so he understood what the speakers were saying, and so he told us that we should get off the train. I immediately started wondering what was happening and we went to the main floor of the train station and asked a man what had happened. The man told us there had been a fire at one of the stations, which got us to the next point, how do we get home? We took the easy way… taxi.

When we got into the taxi, I just thought that this was such a crazy experience as people who don’t know the language in the country they live in. Not only was it crazy but it was fun! I honestly enjoyed this whole day so much because it was just very nice to talk and catch up with Chenoa. In two weeks its summer, and I’m leaving to go to Sweden, and I know that when I come back, Chenoa, Michael and Jack aren’t going to be here since they are moving. It is always sad to see someone you are close to move, so it was really nice to get to hang out before they leave.

It is still only 5:00 pm so I think I am going to hang out with Ebba and Philippa and maybe eat dinner with them or something. Although I missed the play we were going to at 2:30, I am still meeting them in a few minutes to talk and just hang out.

I realized something today, I am so thankful for all the friends that I have because I feel like I can be completely honest with them. All of my friends are super nice and care about me, and I care about them and that is the meaning of friendship, trust.


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