Summer Makeup Tutorial

Since school is almost out, I thought what a perfect timing it would be to do a summer makeup tutorial. Most of the make up products are used are pretty cheap so they are very affordable and they are also my some of my favorite products.

 I started the look off with my base. This is my favorite foundation at the time and it’s the 3D lifting foundation from Kiko in the shade 04. I apply it with my beauty blender from Forever 21. 

After that, I add my favorite concealer from Photoready and I bought it in Guam. I apply this under my eyes, forehead and nose because these are the highlights of my face.   


 Then I use my BareMinerals powder in the shade N10.  

I use my Hoola bronzer from Benefit and I contour my face.  

Then I fill in my eyebrows with the darker color on The Body Shops brow palette. 


I actually love my Naked palette and all the colors. In this look I used the shade hustle on the crease and outer v. Then I added the shade virgin on inner, and middle part. I think this gives a classy but still summery look.  

 I line my eyes with a black eye pencil, and I only do this on the lid. 

 Then I use my white eye pencil on my lower eyelid and this makes my eyes look bigger. 

To finish the eyes, I use my Bobbi Brown mascara that my mom gave to me. This mascara really makes my lashes look big and makes my eye color pop. 


For my lips, I use my Kiko pink lipstick and this has a summer vibe. I really love the color and I wear it all the time.

 On top of the lipstick I add my pink lip gloss from Chanel and this combination is perfect because it’s very glowy. 
We are then done with the make up look and this is how it all turned out. 



















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