Room Tour

My room is obviously not that organized and I have a very messy room. I have done a lot of DIYs that I still haven’t put up yet because I don’t have a place for it or I’m just not done with them. The reason I made this blog post is just because I love to see how others have it in their room, so why not show my room because I’m self-obsessed… Just kidding, kinda…;P Anyways, hope you enjoy!        IMG_1336

This is the first thing you see when you walk into my room, and I bought the Buddha in Vietnam and the letters in a local shop. I actually made the Chanel vase myself with Ebba and the quote was just a simple DIY.IMG_1337IMG_1338This is basically an over view of my room. Its very simple and girly I think.IMG_1339IMG_1376When you walk to the right when you enter my room, you see one of my closets, and on top of my closet, I actually keep all kinds of things that bring me joy. The two rocks in the middle say “Darling” and “I love you” which usually lightens up my day. The drawers are from Ikea and so are the candles on top.

IMG_1341IMG_1377Right next to the closet, I have two of my purses and some bags, and my tripod. Then I have some letters behind a picture of my aunt and I. The two snapbacks, were from the Justin Bieber concert that I went to with my friends Jose, and Maria in Italy. I honestly think they are so cool, and I used to wear them a lot.IMG_1346IMG_1368IMG_1365After passing my balcony, we see this little cozy corner, and both the couch and painting are from Ikea and the pink pillow as well. As you can tell, I really like Ikea because they have a lot of white stuff… My other cushions are a little bit from everywhere, mostly disney stores. Next to the couch I actually just have a place to store my magazines, notebooks, and other things. It gives me a lot more space to store things so I am really happy with it.IMG_1366

Next to my magazines, I have two pairs of shoes. The pink ones I have never worn but they remind me of Barbie so I’m obsessed! The white ones are indoor shoes from Lindex in Sweden and they are both cute and comfy to wear on a lazy day!

IMG_1369The picture is actually really nice in my opinion. I really love Paris and I love these kind of pictures. I have always wanted to have a penthouse in the city of Paris, but I doubt that will happen. What I especially like about this is how everything is black and white, but the Eiffel Tower.IMG_1370Next to my cozy corner, I have my night stand where I keep a class picture from when I was in 6th grade in Italy. I also keep my favorite candles, some rings, and a seashell on the same tray. I have my iPad there as well, a plant and a trophy for winning something at school…IMG_1375IMG_1371Next to my night stand, I obviously have my bed, and again all of it is from Ikea, including the bedding. I might be slightly obsessed. I really love the bedding because it is purple and white so it is a mix of girly and neutral. The thing I love the most with my bed, is the star light that I put on it. I think this creates a very cozy and soothing feeling when you lay down.IMG_1374IMG_1373On the wall next to my bed, I have these letters I cut out from magazines (not that neatly but whatever) and I love the quote because its near my bed so when I wake up and go to sleep I see it so it always gives me a good attitude. Below the quote, I put up a pink string and then I just put most of my parikuras (photo booth pictures) on it. This is great to remember all your memories with friends and I love looking back at the parikuras I’ve taken because its like reliving the fun.IMG_1343IMG_1349IMG_1363Then if you keep walking right, you get to my make up table. I honestly love this make up table because it is very classy and you can fit a lot on and in it. Its from Ikea again, because that is where I get all my furniture. All the small little dividers that I have inside and on top of my make up table were from Daiso, a Japanese dollar store kind of. I think they are just so nice to have so I can divide all my make up in small little storages. As you can tell, I have a separate box for each kind of make up product. On top of my make up table I have both jewelry and make up brushes and sponges. I also keep my office stuff because I don’t have a desk. Above my mirror I have a shelf from Ikea and on it, I store all of my nail polishes that I have here in Japan. IMG_1372Under my make up table I have my make up bag from Victoria Secret, and another studded bag that I use if I just want to go down to the supermarket or something.IMG_1354Next to my make up table I have a big shelf from, again, Ikea. Wow, I realized all my things are from Ikea… On the top shelf I have plants and mugs that I made but in the picture above is the second shelf, and I filled it with Justin Bieber stuff since I used to be crazy about him. I felt like this shelf is a memory and I honestly really like how it looks and the memories that come back from the concert.IMG_1355Underneath the Justin Bieber shelf, I have a shelf with just perfumes and some body mists and the one underneath this one is with body lotions and body butter (did not take a picture of that one).IMG_1357Under all my fragrances and things like that, I have some of my favorite books. The one I am currently reading is “I Hate My Selfie” from Shane Dawson because he is so cool and you should check him out on youtube. I really love reading youtubers books because then I can see what they are like behind the camera.IMG_1358Then I have some bath bombs in the form of macaroons. I also have a box that my friend gave me with some stuff that I got from her on valentines day. Behind all that, I have my Ralph Lauren perfumes and some head jewelry.IMG_1361Finally on the bottom shelf I just have some sprays and other liquids. For example, make up brush cleaner, dry shampoos, nail polish remover, moroccan oil, etc. Then I have a bunch of cords in a bucket… and a portable speaker for my phone.IMG_1350The last thing you see before you exit my room is this DIY, necklace, and sunglass holder. I tried to paint it silver but it turned out gray which I was quite sad about but it worked. I don’t have all of my sunglasses on it right now but I usually do. This is very simple so I can just grab my necklace that I want to wear for the day and go.


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