End Of The Year/Study Tips

So, most schools only have a week or three left so I decided to give some tips to y’all about studying for finals and other end of the year tests.

  • Use some form of flash cards, I personally use Cabra Flash Cards on the computer because I find that those work best for me
  • Listen to music either when or before you study, this will help you remember when you actually take the test by just remember which song you listened to when studying
  • If you have to read, listen to the audio book while reading so you can understand the rhythm of the book better (you don’t have to buy the audio, just search it up on youtube, its usually there)
  • Google drive is really cool if you want to share documents with your classmates
  • Have a study buddy and quiz each other
  • If you want to have some help, ask a friend or family member to help (my grandpa helps me with science and math every night through skype)
  • Treat yourself after studying for a while, this will keep you motivated to keep on studying
  • Pay attention in class- even though most of you think that you can catch up at home, the teacher is usually teaching a valuable lesson that you can’t learn at home

Although its almost summer break, you have to remember to stay focused during class, and be nice to all teacher. This time of the year is when they write report cards and most of you will stay another year, so don’t do something that you will regret when you come back from break. Also, just because its the end of the year don’t think that nobody will care if you goof off, because the teachers and faculty of the school can still get you in trouble. Think before you do something. You might think that right now school doesn’t matter but when you get into that one collage you always wanted to go to, your smile will be as bright as a firework, and that is where school got you. Other than that, hope you take these tips in consideration! Adios!IMG_0075 IMG_0044 IMG_0103


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