Swimming and Goodbyes

After going to sleep 3 am yesterday, I slept kind of late. Well, that is until my phone starts getting texts and I wake up. I then go on all my social media such as instagram, snapchat, facebook and all of that. The reason I was up so late yesterday was because after coming home from softball team dinner, my parents had guests and I like all my parents friends so I decided to sit and talk with them for a while. Which ended up being 5 hours…

Ebba called me around 10:30 in the morning, and we talked for a while and I asked if she wanted to go to the gym. She of course said yes and I went to get my dad to come with us because kids younger than 16 aren’t allowed to go to the gym alone. I ran on the treadmill with intervals because I find that it helps a lot actually. I usually sprint 3/4 and then jog 1/4 of a lap.

After running I did the stretches on the equipment that the gym has. After doing the stretches on the equipment, I did some exercises that I found on youtube for the Victoria Secret body. GOALS! Actual goals though! I felt the pain coming already while I was doing the exercises.

After 2 hours at the gym, Ebba and I headed to the pool because then we don’t need an adult. I wore my aqua blue bikini from Victoria Secret and matched it with a towel from PINK. We sat in the jacuzzi for a while and then we started swimming 10 laps around the pool and did some arm and leg exercises. I have always been a water person ever since I was little, so I find it really easy to do anything in water. I can swim under water for the whole lap around the pool without taking a breath. I find water to be soothing and calming.

When we came home, we ate some Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes. We sat on the balcony eating and just enjoying the view while speaking. We watched some youtube together and then I did 2 hours of math studying for tomorrows test. I am so scared because math is one of the subjects that I am not that confident about. As soon as I step into the classroom I just don’t feel comfortable. Its not that I’m bad at math, because I am actually kind of good but I’m just not confident in myself when I have tests.

At 5:00 pm, there was a huge goodbye potluck party in our building. Since I know all t6he people that are moving, I came to the party. I got to say, I am going to miss them all. I know we are going to keep in touch but the feeling when some of your closest friends are moving, is just very sad. Since I live abroad, there is always going to be someone who I care about that is moving, and sometimes it might even be myself. Anyways, we all ate together and just mingled. I signed the books that the people who are moving have, so they can get a sweet note from me. I truly will miss them all.

At 7:00 again, I went on skype and got tutored in math by my grandpa. Everyday he tutors me so he is helping me study for the math test. We studied for two more hours and I think I have it all understood now. I really hope I will do good on my test because it will make me a lot more satisfied with my grade in math class. We also have a Spanish test tomorrow so I am going to study for that now for half an hour. This week and next week are full with tests since its the last weeks before summer break. Anyways, I love you! ¡Adios!IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1161 IMG_1162


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