Indiana University and Tigers!

Friday! Finally! Today we have some of my favorite classes such as, English, P.E., and choir. In English we basically just read a chapter of “The Outsiders” and I really like the book. It gives the message that just because you are different from some people, doesn’t mean they don’t have problems. I would recommend the book because it is interesting and I am only at chapter 5.

In P.E. we played pickle ball (like tennis but other rackets and balls). It is pretty fun although my team almost lost… But it’s not about winning, it’s about having fun!

Choir class is generally fun and since I really like singing and music then it’s a class I enjoy. Today Philippa and I sang “If I Die Young” and got some feedback. I have never really liked feedback but when I sing I like to know what I am doing wrong so I can improve. I think Philippa and I did well when we sang and I am excited for the concert.

After school, Philippa and I went to get a drink from Tully’s (local coffee shop) just because it is nice to get something refreshing after working a whole day at school. We then sat and practiced for choir again so we are super prepared.

Later today we are going to the orchestra and band concert that our school is having. Since, it is my friend Chae Young’s birthday, I decided to come watch her when she plays her flute. It is usually fun to go see the class play instruments.

I decided to wear an Indiana University shirt today that I got from my friend, Chenoa. I paired it with a pair of long jean shorts from Macy’s since my school has a dress code they have to be long. Both Philippa’s and my shoes are from Nike. Philippa is wearing her black tiger shirt from a local store and black jeans from Old Navy. Anyways, hope your day is fun so far, mine definitely is. ¡Adios!



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