Workout Non-Stop

Yesterday night, I went to my mom’s friend’s house because she invited some people to clean out her closet. Basically, she took out a clothing item and we say yay or nae. Actually a brilliant idea, and I would love to do that but I have such an emotional attachment to my clothes so I would end up only throwing away 5 shirts or something. It was really fun doing it though and we ate tacos.

Today, we had the English test and it was easier than I thought. I think I did good on it… maybe. It was about poems so there were a lot of metaphors. We also had humanities which is kind of like social studies. Since I did all my work at home, I just worked on other things.

After school, I called Ebba and asked if she wanted to go to the pool, but since her dad was home we decided to go play tennis because kids under 16 aren’t allowed without an adult going there first to sign us up. We played tennis for about 1 hour and some children we babysit taking lessons on the court next to us so we got to see them play as well.

When we came home to my house we took some pictures and did our daily exercise routine. We also looked at Jenna Marbles Inspirational Workout videos to have fun while we were exercising.

When we exercised I was wearing a tank top from Brandy Melville because they have such comfy and stylish clothes. I paired that with blue exercise shorts from Forever 21 and a pair of Nikes.  Anyways, I have now decided I want to lose some weight before summer so I am starting a diet where I don’t eat unhealthy at all, and I am thinking of becoming a vegan. Adios!IMG_1166IMG_1177IMG_1178IMG_1213IMG_1163IMG_1244IMG_1195IMG_1196


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