School in Skirts

Today, my friend Philippa and I planned to wear a skirt to school together and our school doesn’t have school uniform so we chose which skirts we wanted to wear. Anyways, we had all the academic classes in school today. Although they can be hard since we have summatives coming up, they were kind of entertaining. We also had choir class and since I am singing a duet with Jiwoo, we had to practice in front of the class and got some feedback. We are singing “Umbrella” by Rihanna, and I am singing “If I Die Young” with Philippa. Only 2 more weeks till the performance on June 5th!!!! I’m honestly so scared but I think it’ll be okay.

When Ebba and I were biking home together, we decided we would study for the English test we have tomorrow, do our exercises, and take some pictures of my outfit. This English test is almost the last English test of the year, so the grade will count a lot. It is about poetry so I am not completely sure how to study but I think I understand most of it.

Today was our yoga Wednesday so we did some yoga and I realized how relaxing yoga is. If you have not tried yoga if you’re a stressed person usually, you should try it because it helps tremendously. We did the spinning spider which is actually harder than I thought… The child’s pose is really nice and down-facing dog hurts a lot!! I know that that just means that I am not used to it, but honestly it was super hurtful.

The outfit I was wearing today was a t-shirt from H&M because sometimes their clothes are really nice and inexpensive for teenagers. My skirt is from Brandy Melville, which is one of my favorite stores. I paired this with my red converse and red lipstick. My backpack is from PINK and I really like it but it hangs low on me because I’m pretty short… My necklace is from Tiffany. Sorry that the closet is in the picture…If I crop the picture then the quality becomes worse. Anyways, adios!


Yes, I do have a sticker on my hand that says surprised;P IMG_1110

IMG_1111 IMG_1119 IMG_1124 IMG_1126 IMG_1130 IMG_1138


2 thoughts on “School in Skirts

  1. beautiful! brandy melville does have really cute skirts! i love your backpack too 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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