A Karaoke Night To Remember

About a week ago, my korean friend, Jiwoo and I were going into the city here to go shopping. After we took the train bus there, we went shopping a bit, and I bought a few small things from Lush, Claire’s and so on. Lush is like my obsession, and their face masks are my life! The Cupcake face mask is one that I recommend. We basically did what most people our age do, go to Starbucks. We ate some food at Starbucks and can I just tell you, the ham and cheese sandwich is delicious when it is heated up and with the Chocolate Chip Frappucino! After eating we went to a karaoke place (Japan has so many) and we had to come back in 1 hour because the rooms were full.

While we were waiting, we decided to take some parikuras. For those who don’t know what that is, it is photo booth pictures here in Japan. The parikuras make your eyes really big. It is quite scary but funny to look at. I bet I’ve taken at least 25 of them ever since I moved here.

After singing karaoke for 2 hours, and practicing Umbrella by Rihanna for our choir concert. We went home and changed into different clothes and I got my camera so we could take some pictures. We then went to dinner at a restaurant nearby on the island with our moms.

We played 3 games of 8 ball pool and I won each one of them even though I failed a few times. The four of us shared a pizza and some pasta, until Jiwoo’s mom suggested we go to karaoke all together. I immediately said yes and tried to convince Jiwoo and my mom.

We managed to take the next train and sang karaoke for 1 hour. We sang so much and had so much fun. Even though it was late at night, we managed to make it even more fun. When I went home I was able to be satisfied with my day and went to sleep.IMG_0996 IMG_0989  IMG_1087 IMG_1090 IMG_1091


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